Email Marketing Tactics for e-Commerce


One of the effective and reliable methods of promoting and popularizing m-Commerce product and brand is email marketing. Many m-Commerce businesses have used this channel to increase the popularity of their brands and products among consumers.

Unfortunately, there are still a significant number of businesses that have employed this method but have nothing to show for it because they did not get it right. Here are the tips to help you take good advantage of this marketing model.

Optimize your email subject and header

When writing the subject and header of your email, you should ensure that the first 30 characters incorporates compelling and engaging marketing phrase and keywords which encapsulates the core message of the campaign. Once the recipients of the emails go through the header and subject matter, they will understand the full meaning. Keep in mind that mobile users have no time to evaluate and ascertain whether an email is useful or not. But with a subject and header that in brief manner pass your message to your reader, you will get their attention. Definitely, a good number of them will click on the email to read the entire content.

Send emails that can be accessed via mobile devices

It is essential that you optimized your emails for mobile devices. This is because many people access their inbox via the mobile devices. A recent survey shows that mobile devices are used to access 53% of emails people sent. Besides, the emails are accessed via different clients which means that the same emails will appear in different way depending on the client used in accessing it. This can result in the alteration of the various elements of the email. You can avoid this by optimizing your emails campaigns.

Include call to action links in your email

You can make your email campaign more effective by making it possible for your reader to take actions if they want through CTAs phrases linked to your website. For example, with call to action phrases like register now, get quote now, click to call and others linked to your page, users who want to take the required action will find it easy to access your website. You should also incorporate a link to your social media network in your emails. A lot of users of mobile devices spend a lot of time on social media. Including the link to your social media page will give them easy access to it.

Use videos and visual contents in your email campaign

Though videos and images increase email load time, they are also very effective in passing information across to consumers than emails with only plain text. Thus, you can make your email marketing more effective by incorporating videos and images into the campaign. But make sure that you modify and optimize it for mobile devices.

Make it more promotional

It is good that you promote and market your product via emails. A good means of achieving this is to send out emails that talks more about the features and benefits of your products to consumers. Such emails can also talk more about the services and products that are made available on discounted price. It is also a good medium of highlighting any promotion offer you have. Consumers seeking for good bargain will definitely click on your page link to take advantage of the offer.

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Online banking has made banking really quite easier not just for the banks and credit unions but also for their clients. It has made it possible for banks to cut cost on labour as the number of people coming to the banking halls on daily basis has reduced. They need only few employees. With online banking, you can do a lot of transactions from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go to your bank in order to obtain your bank statement, make payment and do other transactions. However, the activities of online fraudsters have also made online banking to be a risk. Many people have lost a lot of money to these criminals and banks have also paid huge amount of money as chargeback.

To frustrate these fraudsters, both the banks and their customers are required to play some parts. The banks and credit unions are leaving no stone unturned in order to prevent internet criminals from succeeding with their evil deeds. Most banks invest heavily on security technology to make it difficult for online thieves to succeed. Below are some of the strategies they employ in solidifying their system.

  • Installation of fraud detection systems, website encryption, fraud detection systems, anti-virus protections on the computers used in the banking halls and others in order to prevent fraudsters from hacking into their systems.
  • Using ethical hackers to test the strength of their firewalls: To ensure that they are operating with a strong firewall, some banks hire ethical hackers to attempt breaking into their systems. If the ethical hackers did not succeed, it means that their firewalls are very strong. But if they succeed, their firewall is porous and they will look for a way to correct the problem.
  • The use of bank top-level domain names: For enhanced security, some banks are now going for .bank domain names. Such domain names are issued to banking institutions that meets the security requirements for it.
  • The use of mobile banking technologies: With these technologies, consumers will receive alert for any transactions on their accounts. They can easily contact their account managers if they suspect any fraudulent transaction in their account.
BIN Number Lookup: Strategy for Controlling Credit Card Fraud and Improving on Other Checks


BIN number lookup refers to software used to verify credit card information to ensure that they are valid. BIN is an abbreviation for bank identification number. Today, many people prefer to use the term issuer identification number abbreviated as IIN to BIN. BIN refers to the first six digits on a card which can be a credit, debit or prepaid card. These first six numbers are like the DNA of the card. With them you can tell a lot about the card a consumer is using to make payment. The BIN of a card can tell a merchant the country from where the card is issued, the type of card being used, the bank that issued the card, the phone number and the address of the owner of the card.

Nowadays, credit card fraud is on the increase. Many credit card criminals have developed different strategies of obtaining credit card details required to use a card. With these details, they can make purchases with the card of their victims even without their authorization. Knowing the BIN can help merchants to reduce credit card fraud and improve on other checks. If they know the number and are able to analyze it, they can match it with the information provided by consumers before validating their orders. If the information does not match, it is an indication that the transaction may be fraudulent. Thus, more strict measures will be taken to validate the order.

However, the problem is that many merchants are not able to obtain BIN list in-house. With the introduction of BIN number lookup software, this problem has been overcome. With the third party services, merchants are able to get and access BIN list. BIN list provided by these third party services is available in two types, namely, Bank to BIN list and BIN to country list. The former gives the name of the bank that issued the card, the country when issued with a BIN number and the phone number of the card’s owner. The latter gives the name of the country where the card is issued in.

There are different BIN lookup service providers. Their services differ. Some provide BIN database or BIN list which the merchant can keep and utilize within the business. There are some that offer hosted BIN list in which merchants search for BIN numbers from their website. There are also some BIN lookup services that have both features. Some third parties lookup service providers provide subscription service that comes with automatic update. With some services, you have to buy the updates periodically. So, before you purchase any BIN lookup service, it is important that you find out the various features of the BIN lookup application that you want to buy.

BIN number lookup software has other uses apart from validation of transaction and credit card fraud prevention. It can be used to identify prepared cards. Some merchants offer consumers the option of installment payment. With BIN lookup software, merchant will be able to stop consumers from using prepaid cards with a balance that is enough to pay only for the initial transaction.